Katie speaks about her family of three : Gordon, Maisy & Yoshi


Sometimes, you meet a dog so extraordinary – so full of love and light — that they make you fall in love — again and again. For some, dogs are just the embodiment of love. They are the sun in many people’s lives. They are the teachers of patience and kindness. They are the reason for getting up every morning. Sweet lost and abandoned animals who lack the stability of a home and family to call their own are winners too; with enough knowledge, kindness and heart. And Katie is one of those people who gets this. Katie Mac Donagh is a training & behaviour assistant at Dogs Trust Ireland.

It’s clear to see the time, commitment and devotion that this beautiful girl and her family has for their lucky Wet Noses. Listen to what Katie has to say about her rescues while you see their images. (wait for the audio above to load and click play)

And believe me, selecting images is a difficult process with so many ridiculously cute and silly expressions and antics. We had happy, clever, endlessly joyful and playful Gordon, Maisy and Yoshi all afternoon, each with their own special little characters.  They give good face to the camera! Maisy came from further afield while Gordon was adopted from Dogs in Distress and Yoshi from Dogs Trust Ireland. You can find many beautiful dogs at your nearest shelter or rehoming centre.