The Irish Blue Cross 2015 Bark in the Park at Saint Anne’s Park, Raheny.

Oh goodness! What an incredible weekend it was. Gushes of emotions marked the day that the people of Ireland introduced marriage equality by popular vote. The majority said one simple word. Yes. For a minority that word means everything. With all my heart and grace I believe love always wins. And I’m guessing if dogs could vote it would be a big wagging YES too!


Well now, let’s see – when the location is BEAUTIFUL, the models are BEAUTIFUL, the energy is BEAUTIFUL, you just can’t beat that. Until you find all of this wonderful colour! Sinead and Ted agree.

Bright and sparkly sun shining through the trees, joy and silliness in the green grasses and lots to celebrate. It’s a perfect day to top off the weekend with a Bark in the Park!

Let me kick off this blog post by introducing you to this ridiculously happy and quirky little character – everybody, say Hello to Charlie! Is this not the most happy face you’ll ever see! Charlie is a regular at The Bark in the Park because his very kind owner supplies the incredible people at the The Irish Blue Cross with sound for their events. Every time I introduced my squeaky ball to garner some interest from a distracted model anywhere in close range, he dropped what he was doing immediately and came to my side. That squeaky ball is a serious business for this lovely guy!

I had the opportunity to meet some absolutely amazing dogs at Saint Anne’s Park on this sunny Sunday – and these gorgeous faces are two of them. It’s always a special moment for me when I have the ability to capture even one frame of dogs that are fearful of the camera for various reasons. But treats will always win the day! This is why we just never know how a session is going to go at the studio so we just take our time and introduce new things slowly.

Then there are those impossibly cute head tilts that always make some photo-magic. They put fuel in my tank. When creativity is dull I just get lost in a goofy expression.

And sometimes they blow raspberries. But this is always followed up quickly by a big huge smile.

Dogs of all walks of life, of all sizes and of all breeds getting ready for Bark Off! I wish I could have climbed up high to show you just how many.

Belle was off to a good start. Her human ran the whole way. And I learned that this was their second run of the day. What a lucky Wet Nose!

They made it back first and shared a photograph with the team. The Irish Blue Cross is an animal welfare charity that provides low-cost veterinary services in the Dublin area for pet owners on low-incomes. They rely heavily on donations from the public to fund their vital work with sick and needy pets. The staff and volunteers are the reason we’re here. Why everyone is here to raise funds. Saving lives and rescuing the ones with no voice is what keeps the wheels spinning within this incredible cause. They have also embraced my work since the beginning and I feel there is something special about this family. So THANK YOU! The next Bark in the Park is on Sunday 14th June at Marlay Park and you can help too by registering here.

Some enjoy a more relaxing pace. There’s nothing wrong with chin scratches!

And in other celebrations, Mac was one year young. High paws Mac!

What can I say. You certainly made me work on my family portraits. Thank you so much to everyone who came by and asked me to photograph you all together. Love is togetherness and it is uplifting to see you all making your Wet Noses part of your family!

You can see more images here.

Michelle, Wet Nose.