Happiness is…

Happiness is a paw. Happiness is a tiny paw reaching out for your hand after finally grasping the concept of “shake”. Happiness is the paw prints leaving the wet floor of the kennel after finally being selected by a loving family and making those first few steps towards a forever home.


Happiness is a nose. Happiness is a noses curious enquiry when investigating the smell of another dog on the human that they love and protect with all they have. Happiness is a nose learning the smell of its new forever family as they greet and pet him for the very first time.


Happiness is a tongue. Happiness is a lick from a mother to her litter of tiny, healthy puppies. Happiness is the naughty lick on your face from a dirty tongue too excited at the prospect of a forever-home to contain the kisses.


Happiness is a tail. Happiness is a wagging tail as your best friend greets you at the door after a long, hard day at work. Happiness is a tail standing tall and proud after being invited, finally, into a new home with a beautiful family.


Happiness is a walk. Happiness is a gentle walk with your ageing Wet Nose friend who has stood beside you unconditionally for the past decade. Happiness is a walk that can barely be contained from a run at the prospect of walking through the doors of a forever-home.

Happiness is family, a friend, a confident, a workout buddy, a comedian, a blanket, an alarm clock, a shoulder to cry on. Happiness is a dog. Happiness is the love, affection, purpose and unconditional friendship offered to you by your Wet Nose friend.

A lifetime of happiness is what you can provide a shelter animal by allowing them to bring happiness to you.

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