Charlie & Ali – Click play to hear Ali speaking about Charlie!


It’s about time that you met Charlie, an amazing boy that belongs to one very beautiful and inspiring Ali, who I had the pleasure to photograph alongside Liz who is their dear friend.

(Have a listen) Wait for the audio to load and press play above and then scroll through the images while you hear Ali speaking about her boy.

What an absolutely heart warming afternoon. I’ll never forget the day I met Charlie or the feeling it brings me, because that is where this new project has begun – that is where I took the first steps towards following my dreams. Normal everyday stuff has been popping up or a while now but I’ve wanted to document the wonderful stories I hear from you all every day of the week for as long as I’ve been photographing your pets.

Pictured here is Charlie, and his beautiful mom Alison, a Training and Behaviour Advisor at Dogs Trust. They kindly gave up their time to help us get on the road. You can guess where Charlie was adopted from then! Of course. In just one little perfect moment he made a forever home with his humans when they adopted him from Dogs Trust Ireland

Charlie is paws down one of my most favourite boys to photograph. The minute I met him I knew he was going to make us all smile for the next two hours. He is full of more love than you could ever imagine and his spirit is as pure and white as he is. Wagging, cuddling, working like a pro and then relaxing like it is the easiest thing in the world to be around a camera, thanks to the fact that his family has invested so much time in him.

That gorgeous face earns him bags and bags of treats but he was just as happy with his ordinary food. We should really fix that since he gave so selflessly with such ease to the Wet Nose camera. We totally lucked out so THANK YOU to Charile & Ali also.

Charlie has an incredible connection with his Mom – he’s stuck to her like velcro, acting as a very spotty little ray of light everywhere she goes. It made my heart happy to see the smiles these two put on each other’s faces throughout the course of our afternoon together.

I think their relationship was always meant to be.